Washington's STEM Talent Supply and Demand Dashboard


Why a Dashboard on STEM?

The dashboard is intended to help Washington track its progress towards meeting key STEM goals from the Framework. The Dashboard does not track a single cohort of students, rather it is an outcome focused measurement system designed to examine key leverage points along the continuum from early learning to employment. These leverage points are known areas from the literature to indicate points for improvement – and they include, for example, kindergarten readiness in math, achievement and interest in STEM in K-12, as well as post-secondary and employment outcomes in STEM majors and fields.

How can I use the Dashboard?

Data from the dashboard allow us to track our progress towards reaching our goals for STEM in the state. The dashboard may help to answer key STEM policy and programmatic questions such as:

  • Are Washington high school students interested in pursuing majors that lead to STEM careers?
  • How well are we preparing Washington students academically to pursue STEM-related careers? (Early Learning? K-12?)
  • Do we have an adequate supply of STEM trained workers in Washington State to meet the demand of employers? If not, how large is the gap now and what is it projected to be in the future?
  • What STEM occupations/fields are in highest demand?

When will data updates for measures be available?

Data will be updated throughout the year as it becomes available, and the site will be updated annually in December of each year.

Do you plan to add more measures to the dashboard?

Yes, some measures are still under construction. For example, future additions will include measures of:

  • State and local systems to support STEM success
  • 21st century skills
  • PreK-12 STEM classes led by effective educators
  • Teachers and school leaders with STEM-related degrees
  • Additional AP measures beyond computer science
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