Washington's STEM Talent Supply and Demand Dashboard


Governor’s Vision: A Working Washington Built on Education and Innovation….Where all Washingtonians Thrive.

Increasing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) talent in Washington communities is imperative to fill jobs, grow the economy, and close the opportunity gaps for the next generation.

This Dashboard displays data for Washington’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Talent Supply and Demand to help Washington track its progress in fueling a strong and vibrant economy in the state.

The Dashboard has been funded by a National Governor’s Association with support from the Governor’s STEM Education Innovation Alliance, Washington Student Achievement Council, Washington STEM, and the Washington state Office of Financial Management.

Dashboard Overview

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Are Washington residents aware of the term “STEM?”

Are Washington high school students interested in pursuing majors that lead to STEM careers?

Among high school seniors taking the SAT, more than half intend to major in STEM, health, or other high demand majors

How well are we preparing Washington students academically to pursue STEM-related careers?

3.1 WAKids Math Characteristics of Entering Kindergartners    

How well are we preparing Washington high school students academically to pursue STEM at the post-secondary-level?

What is the supply of graduates with STEM majors from post-secondary institutions in the state of Washington?

STEM Degrees from Washington Institutions

Do we have an adequate supply of STEM trained workers in Washington State to meet the demand of employers?

Employment supply and demand gaps persist in STEM occupations.

Learn more about why efforts to increase the number of STEM trained employees is important in our state.

Washington's STEM