Washington's STEM Talent Supply and Demand Dashboard


Data presented in the dashboards below displays data for Washington’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Talent Supply and Demand to help Washington track its progress in fueling a strong and vibrant economy in the state.

Current Indicators

Data definitions, methodologies, and future measures are detailed on the Data page

STEM Awareness in Washington State

Key question: Are Washington residents aware of the term “STEM?”

Percentage of Washington residents indicating they have heard of the acronym STEM.

Reveal data: hover over chart, or select legend or year labels. Refine data: use drop down controls. Reset chart: escape, arrows at chart footer, or refresh page.

Calculation: Percentage of Washington residents indicating “yes” they have heard of the acronym STEM at the time of the survey, out of a random telephone sample of ~600 voters in the state of Washington.

Other findings

  • 90 percent agree every child should have access to a high-quality STEM education.
  • 90 percent agree children should be exposed to early STEM concepts from a young age.
  • 89 percent agree the next generation of Washingtonians will have more opportunities if they have strong STEM skills.
  • 89 percent support expanding the number of K-12 public schools in Washington that offer computer science classes.
  • 85 percent agree children who grew up in poverty have a better chance to break the cycle of poverty if they have a strong STEM education.
  • 84 percent agree the state needs to do more to provide students and the public with information about fast growing, high paying jobs, including where they are located and the schooling and training requirements to get those jobs.
  • 83 percent agree STEM skills are in increasing demand in Washington’s economy.

Source: ERDC staff analysis of 2019, 2017, 2015, and 2013 surveys from Washington STEM and conducted by Strategies 360 (Updated March 2019, next update in Q1 2021)

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Student Interest in STEM Fields

Key question:Are Washington high school students interested in pursuing majors that lead to STEM careers?

Percentage of Washington SAT test-takers indicating an intended college major in a STEM field

Reveal data: hover over chart, or select legend or year labels. Refine data: use drop down controls. Reset chart: escape, arrows at chart footer, or refresh page.

Calculation: SAT test-takers indicating intended college major in a STEM field out of all SAT test-takers that indicated an intended college major.

Source: ERDC staff analysis of College Board SAT Suite of Assessments Annual Reports (November 2019)

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Student STEM Achievements Among Early Learning—K-12

Key questions: Since success in education, particularly in STEM subjects, is affected by preparedness, including in early stages, what percentage of beginning elementary students are kindergarten ready? How many and what percentage of K–12 students are passing 5th grade math assessments? How are traditionally under-represented student populations faring?

Percentage of Students Meeting the Math and Science Standards in Kindergarten and Grades 3 – 8

What you are looking at: Percentage of Pre-K students meeting the math readiness standard on the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS), and the percentage of 3-8 grade students meeting the math readiness standard on the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) out of all students who took the SBA for math.

Reveal data: hover over chart, or select legend or year labels. Refine data: use drop down controls. Reset chart: escape, arrows at chart footer, or refresh page.

Note: Kindergarten readiness is measured by WaKIDS, 3-8 grade Math is measured by Smarter Balanced Assessment, and 5th and 8th grade science is measured by WCAS. Comparisons between years are not accurate due to the increasing number and diversity of students taking the WaKIDS assessment.

Calculation: Number of students meeting standard for readiness in math on WaKIDS out of the number of students assessed for readiness in math on WaKIDS, and number of students meeting standard for math on Smarter Balanced Assessment for grades 3-8.

Source: ERDC staff analysis of OSPI Report Card (November 2019)

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Student Readiness For College-Level Study in STEM Fields

Key questions: Do students have real world/project learning and internship opportunities to experience career pathways? How well are we preparing Washington students academically to pursue STEM careers? How are traditionally under-represented student populations faring?

AP Exam Pass Rate in STEM Subjects

The percentage of Washington students who took the Advanced Placement exams in STEM subjects and earned a passing score of 3 or above.

Reveal data: hover over chart, or select legend or year labels. Refine data: use drop down controls. Reset chart: escape, arrows at chart footer, or refresh page.

What this means: In nearly all STEM subjects, the percentage of students passing is above the national average.

Calculation: Washington students completing the AP Exam and scoring a three or higher, out of all Washington students completing the AP Exam.

Source: ERDC staff analysis of College Board Advanced Placement State Summary Reports (November 2019)

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(note: Dual Credit course availability and enrollment dashboards are coming in future dashboards.)

Graduates From Post-Secondary Institutions With Degrees in STEM Fields

Key questions: Are students graduating with certificates/degrees that employers value?

Awards Conferred by Washington Institutions by Major and Level

Reveal data: hover over chart, or select legend or year labels. Refine data: use drop down controls. Reset chart: escape, arrows at chart footer, or refresh page.

Calculation:  Awards conferred to students completing programs at all Title-IV-participating institutions in Washington State by academic year.

STEM and High Demand majors are designated using the Education Research and Data Center’s crosswalk of Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes. While CIP codes are a common 2-, 4-, and 6-digit framework developed at the US Department of Education and updated every 10 years, categories such as “STEM” and “High Demand” are made by various independent groups, often reflect local or program preferences, and can change more regularly. For instance, the National Science Foundation and Homeland Security STEM lists may vary for STEM programs, and in Washington State, High employer demand programs are identified by the institutions, in consultation with the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board and the Washington Student Achievement Council.

Visit ERDC’s Statewide Public Four-Year Dashboard for more detail on the degrees conferred by Washington’s public baccalaureate institutions.

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Alignment of STEM Education Programs With Workforce Needs of Key Economic Sectors

Key question: Do we have an adequate supply of STEM trained workers in Washington State to meet the demand of employers

Computer Science and Engineering Gap Analysis for Bachelor’s and Advanced Degrees

What you are looking at: Supply of students expected to enter occupations and projected demand for workers in occupations.

Reveal data: hover over chart, or select legend or year labels. Refine data: use drop down controls. Reset chart: escape, arrows at chart footer, or refresh page.

What this means: There are more projected annual openings for computer scientists than there are graduates in our state prepared to fill these jobs. The gap has been growing since 2006. In the 2016 skilled and educated workforce report there were 3,900 more projected to be openings for computer scientists than prepared graduates to take those jobs.

Calculation: Demand for workers in STEM occupations (growth and replacement openings) minus the supply of students expected to enter STEM selected occupations.

Sources: WSAC staff analysis of IPEDs and the American Community Survey, ESD, SIPP, and NSCG for the Skilled and Educated Workforce Report (Updated November 2019)

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Indicators Under Development

In addition to annual updates to the existing measures detailed above, the STEM Alliance is working to expand the STEM Dashboard in two main ways:

  1. Deepen existing displays to include more detail. These include
  2. Widen coverage to include displays new indicators and measures that have been identified by the STEM Alliance. The Alliance’s Data Metrics Workgroup continues to work on definitions and assessing the availability of reliable data to support them. Some potential future measures are detailed on the Data page

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Washington's STEM


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